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Chiropractic Associates - Williams Lake

72 1 Ave S, Williams Lake, BC

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Meet Dr. James Rowse & Dr. Sheila Boehm

Dr. James  Rowse & Dr. Sheila Boehm is the owner of Chiropractic Associates - Williams Lake

Both James Rowse and Sheila Boehm trace their roots and heritage to Williams Lake. Both grew up here, and both felt the call to return to their home community after leaving to complete their education, James’ in Oregon and Sheila’s in Toronto. Both are raising their own families here and agree that it’s a wonderful place for a family to grow up.

James’ pursuit of his profession developed out of an interest in sports medicine, and today this is one of his prime areas of expertise. He worked with former Williams Lake Timberwolves Junior hockey team for years and continues to regularly see athletes of all kinds and ages in his daily practice.

Sheila began her professional life as a nurse and worked at Cariboo Memorial Hospital for several years. During her nursing years she began to develop a passion for alternative health care and pain management. She works with a variety of people in her daily practice and finds it rewarding to help people treat and prevent pain.

James, Sheila and their staff are all active in various aspects of the community and have a love for physical activity and for the outdoors. They agree that Williams Lake is unbeatable when it comes to all of the amazing outdoor recreational opportunities that are available, like hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, camping and of course many others. It doesn’t take long to find a place where there is no pavement and one can enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. And, adds Jennifer, “no matter where in town you are you can still see something beautiful.”

Caring. Open-Minded. Upbeat.

Chiropractic Associates – Williams Lake has a passion for helping people find alternative, pro-active, complementary and drug-free solutions to pain and mobility issues. The clinic specializes in sport/rehabilitation, child/infant care, pregnancy, elderly care, deep tissue massage therapy, and treating chronic pain. Clinic staff includes two licensed and certified Chiropractic Doctors and a Registered Massage Therapist to meet your needs. In addition to its health care services, Chiropractic Associates – Williams Lake also sells a wide variety of posture pillows (cervical support & improve sleep), topical pain relievers, back & joint support, Adeeva Nutritionals vitamins & supplements, large heating pads (14″ × 27″), lumbar support rolls ( high density for extended sitting and D-shaped for leaning forward & position change), and orthotics. The clinic also has a secondary location in 100 Mile House.

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1-800-771-1688 Toll Free
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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  • 72 1 Ave S
  • Williams Lake, BC
  • V2G 1H5, Canada

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