Strong Beginnings in Williams Lake

Strong Beginnings

#102 235 Oliver Street, Williams Lake, BC

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  • Health
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  • Prenatal wellness and postnatal recovery programs
  • Mom and baby groups
  • Pediatric occupational therapy
  • Community wellness workshops and programs

Meet Melissa LaPointe

Melissa LaPointe is the owner of Strong Beginnings

When Melissa LaPointe moved to Williams Lake a decade ago, she left her entire extended family behind in eastern Canada. Consequently, she knew that it would be important to surround herself with a new kind of “family”, and she was delighted to find that the people in her new community were so ready and willing to welcome her in. This sense of family has become even more important to Melissa and her husband Marc in their parenting journey with their son, Max, as they believe in the adage that says ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ In Williams Lake, the pace is relaxed and the people are open. “I don’t just go to the market or do my errands around town. I walk around with my son, I greet friends with hugs and smiles, we have conversations and share stories. We develop relationships and they know us by name.” She is also appreciative of the growing opportunities for local family entertainment, the unlimited number of lakes and trails to explore, and the easy access to high-quality local produce, meat and dairy here in the Cariboo.

Melissa is an occupational therapist by profession with a deep passion for teaching and advocating for improved healthcare services on a national level, particularly in the area of women and children’s health. It’s what drove her to start her own business. “I’m an innovative thinker and enjoy pushing the boundaries on how we traditionally think of service delivery in healthcare. I’m a firm believer that our current system is broken and we need to think outside the box. We need to focus more energy and resources on self-care and health promotion, both in family health and for our healthcare practitioners themselves."

Starting her own business has enabled Melissa to have more flexibility in her work environment and hours, something she feels is critical in balancing the demands of motherhood and being an entrepreneur. Working for herself, she says “I’m able to be more creative in how I incorporate self-care and movement into my day. I’m also able to travel more often with Max and spend time in PEI with his East Coast family, a huge part of our lives!”

Holistic. Therapeutic. Empowering.

Strong Beginnings is a family-centered organization providing therapeutic services and wellness programs to women and children in the Cariboo region. Owner and therapist Melissa LaPointe believes that health is not just about the absence of disease or the lack of observable signs of illness. Rather, it is about vitality and longevity, discovering a balance of mind, body and spirit. With an integrative approach to early childhood development, Strong Beginnings is a unique organization that provides services centered on prenatal wellness, childbirth preparation, postnatal recovery, mom-baby yoga and infant massage, child mental health and family wellness.

Melissa also provides wellness-based, educational and professional growth workshops for community groups and organizations on topics including women’s health, movement and learning, maternal-infant mental health, early life trauma and the neurobiology behind early brain development, challenging behaviors and therapeutic relationships. These sessions can be tailored according to the specific needs of the group or company.

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  • #102 235 Oliver Street
  • Williams Lake, BC
  • V2G 1M2, Canada

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