LIFE Pilates Body Therapy in Williams Lake

LIFE Pilates Body Therapy

3 150B Oliver St, Williams Lake, BC

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Highly trained instructor with over 20 years of experience
  • Small classes to enhance personal attention and maximize workout
  • Energizing and positive atmosphere to encourage fun and enjoyment

Meet Ellen Paynton

Ellen Paynton is the owner of LIFE Pilates Body Therapy

Ellen Paynton is a professional kinesiologist who has worked with hundreds of people over the years in various settings. Many were accident victims who needed rehabilitation therapy in order to resume a normal, active lifestyle. Ellen has always loved her work, but the hours were demanding, and when she became a mom she wanted a career that she had a little bit more control over. So she reduced her rehabilitation workload, took Pilates instruction training and eventually started her own fitness and personal training business in 2001.

Ellen believes that one of the big keys to business success in a small town such as Williams Lake is forming relationships. In fact, this is the part of her job that she most enjoys. “I love that I am able to go out to the grocery store and bump into a student and have a conversation with them.” Ellen considers all of her students her friends, and Williams Lake’s friendly atmosphere is just naturally conducive to creating and sustaining lasting friendships.

Ellen believes that physical fitness should be a part of everyone’s life, but she also recognizes that exercise is often viewed as tedious and boring. That’s why she tries to make humour and laughter a big part of her classes and instructing. “We have a lot of fun in our classes!” she states. Not taking exercise too seriously helps people stay motivated. Sometimes, she says, when students who have never exercised make the bold decision to come out to a class for the first time, the laughter helps them to feel at ease and make them feel as though they want to come back and keep trying even if they had a hard time with the exercise. Ellen adds that she is not about rules, either. She encourages students to try new things, but to ultimately stick with an exercise plan that is reasonable for them.

Ellen admits that her life mainly revolves around two things: Pilates and her kids. Her two teenage sons are both busy with activities like band and hockey and she spends her winters doing the typical mom routine: driving to and from practices and games and supporting and cheering on her sons. And even though Pilates are her job, Ellen enjoys doing Pilates for fun, too. “A lot of my own activities revolve around what I teach,” she says.

Empowering. Healing. Holistic.

LIFE Pilates Body Therapy is a wellness studio committed to providing a unique and personalized learning and movement experience to all students and clients. Time spent at LIFE Pilates will help you to develop a sense of balanced health and wellness that will empower you to live your best LIFE every day. Students can choose from a variety of classes, including Pilates and Yoga, in a group setting, one-on-one or with a small group of friends. One-on-one training is available for anyone looking for an individualized program of exercise targeting specific goals such as core strengthening, weight loss or rehabilitation from injury. Classes are offered on a rotating basis, and different classes are introduced throughout the year in accordance with student interest.

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  • 3 150B Oliver St
  • Williams Lake, BC
  • V2G 1L8, Canada

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